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Prayer Calendar

WEEK 37 - Sunday, September 10 to Saturday, September 16, 2017

SUNDAY, September 10

Mission Focus:  United Community Centers
Birmingham, Alabama


Joshua Doan - Missionary
10863 Herchel Drive
San Jose, CA 95127

Selena Ruth Smith - Deaconess
P O Box 230
Mayesville, SC 29104


MONDAY, September 11

Mission Focus:  Latin America and Sierra Leone:  Curamericas Global.
Strengthening healthcare services, empowering communities and working
toward sustainable results in central Latin America and Sierra Leone


Grace Musuka - Regional Missionary
1-11 Bay Noakes Road

Jaime Vazquez - Racial Ethnic Plan Missionary
1550 E. Meadowbrook Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85014

TUESDAY, September 12

Mission Focus:  Republic of Georgia:  Union Women Center.
Involving rural women, men, youth, doctors, religious leaders and
local government representatives to improve reproductive and maternal health


Mary C. Gehrke - Deaconess
904 N. Oakley Street
Luverne, MN 56156

M. Elaine Parrent - Deaconess
4417 NW 11th Terrace
Oklahoma City, OK 73107-5017

Lisa Williams - Missionary
Methodist Church District Office
75 Albert Street
PO Box 212
Belize City

WEDNESDAY, September 13

Mission Focus:  Laos:  Lao Samphan Methodist Church of the Laos Mission Initiative.
Supporting Methodist women organization growth and activities


Onema Lomoto Ombaku - Missionary
The United Methodist Church of Nigeria
Sprite Lodge
No. 5 Mission Road, Hwolshe
Jos, Plateau State

THURSDAY, September 14

Mission Focus:  South Africa:  Support of emergency relief efforts and
long-term development in South Africa


Ruth Ingulsrud Grubel - Missionary
1-1-127 Uegahara
Hyogo-ken 662-0891

FRIDAY, September 15

Mission Focus:  United States:  Working with the General Board of Global
Ministries and partner networks to eradicate poverty


Cesar Duran - Racial Ethnic Plan Missionary
6868 S Ivy Street, #306
Englewood, CO 80112

Jennifer McCallum - Staff*
Executive for Social Justice Education
Membership and Leadership Development, UMW

SATURDAY, September 16

Mission Focus:  United Community Centers
Fort Worth, Texas


Gordon Graner - Missionary
Iglesia Evangelica Dominicana
Apartado 727
Santo Domingo
Dominican Republic

Calley Piland - Missionary
18516 Sandy Bottom Drive
Pflugerville, TX 78660

WEEK 38 - Sunday, September 17 to Saturday, September 23, 2017

SUNDAY, September 17

Mission Focus:  United Methodist Community Center
Warren, Ohio


Edwin Castillo - Global Mission Fellows International Missionary
#1 Calle 3, Bella Vista
San Jose de Ocoa 9300
Dominican Republic

Chelsea Spyres - Global Mission Fellows US-2 Missionary
23 E Adams Avenue
Detroit, MI 48226


MONDAY, September 18

Mission Focus:  Hong Kong:  Bethune House.
Shelter, health and legal services for Indonesian migrant domestic workers in crisis


Matthew Bullen - Staff*
Director of Information Technology
UMW Finance and Administration


TUESDAY, September 19

Mission Focus:  Comombia:  Supporting a program to build peace in society to prevent violence, especially for women and girls


Mary Kuronzwi - Global Mission Fellows US-2 Missionary
16 Old Chisamba

Mary Andreolli - Staff*
Public Information
Office of the General Secretary


WEDNESDAY, September 20

Mission Focus:  India:  Pasumai Ulagam.
Purchase of computer quad core processors, a copier, printer, LED projector and software installation to

help youth gain digital technology skills


Mary Randall Zigbuo - Missionary
The United Methodist Compound
P Box 10-1010
1000 Monrovia

Myungim Kim - Staff*
Executive Secretary
Mission Evangelism


THURSDAY, September 21

Mission Focus:  United States:  Enabling national partners and organizations to support children


Christine Erb-Kanzleiter - Missionary
Frauenlobstrasse 5
80337 Munchen

Alberto  R. Dominguez - Staff*
Human Resources Generalist
Mission and Evangelism


FRIDAY, September 22

Mission Focus:  Bolivia:  Developing leadership and discipleship skills for youth ages 12-30

Melissa Iutzi Calvillo - Deaconess
2317 N County Road 1800
Dallas City, IL 62330

SATURDAY, September 23

Mission Focus:  United Methodist Community Center
Youngstown, Ohio


Lou Ann Staggs - Deaconess
1146 Country Route 135 E.
New Albany, MS 38652

Kathleen Griffith - Staff*
Grants Officer, Global Health


*Address for Staff Members:
475 Riverside Drive, New York, NY 10115



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UIpdated eptember 12, 2017